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"Time flies they say, but what is time ...?" 

  • Aristotle is the first person known to have asked "What is time?" 

"Time" has many  meanings. This article uses the notion of time as it seems is always passing and always represents change. 

To ask yourself what defines time is a question that makes most of humanity wonder.

Scientists have classified time into 2 categories namely :

1. Mind time 

2. Clock time .

In this article , i examine why the concept of time has perplexed physics and continues to do so till today.

Time as most people think is defined by the watch or clock that you look at everyday .

However, my thoughts contrast to this. The human perception of time shifts depending on certain factors and variances like: 

a. The activity you engage in daily- the more you have to do , the faster the time moves.

b. Age- As humans age, time seems to move faster.

c. The amount of rest a person gets - For instances when the body is exhausted time seems to move slower.

Physics has a way of explaining phenomenas that the human eye cannot explain. The question to ask : How does the human mind explain time?

As seen in experiments, it has been demonstrated that the human mind explains time by relating it to mental stimuli , sense and activity that occurs at that particular moment .

The present is seen different from the past due to the mental viewings that change . Time is a moment in which the mental ability of a human being experiences a stimuli which is then  captured by the brain to make a memory. 

This is what makes every moment different and unrelated as a result of a mental stimuli. 


(1) Physical time is what gets displayed on a clock / watch .

This is a human made concept to be able to store, collect and record moments to ensure that human beings can determine an exact moment to ensure coordination of the mind time, This is done by the use of seconds, minutes or hours ( using a clock ).


This is the main phenomenon that defines  what time is.

Mind time is related to brain activity  which reflects the ability of capturing mental images. As human beings age, the rate of the ability of the brain to capture these images decreases. Moreover, as a result of the decrease of body functions, visions and a decrease in brain activity , the ability to capture mental images decreases,, hence taking more brain effort which makes the time seem to move faster.

As the brainS capability decreases , the ability to process visual information is slowed down and takes a much longer time to generate those images which brings about the illusion of time moving faster.

(This can be demonstrated by the use of an old system in a phone/ technology that has not been updated for a long time which contrasts the use of an updated technology  = The manner in which the human brain captures time is the same manner in which a mental image is created by the brain)  . 

As can be seen , time is a human invented notion. It can only be controlled by living well and ensuring that your body is your temple and you treat it well . 

-- > When the Quran talks of past events it often speaks of them as if these events exist within our own memories or in a collective human memory as an integral part of our own selves and of our human heritage and nature.It does not define time based on the clock time but only uses the the mind time to demonstrate events that  occur.

So, we must organize our time wisely, being very careful about what we use it for, as it is captured in the mind and made into memories. 

 As  MARK Twain once said,

"If it's your job to eat a frog, it's best to do it first thing in the morning. And If it's your job to eat two frogs, it's best to eat the biggest one first." His point? Tackle your biggest tasks first in regards to using your time effectively.

==> Make a to-do list every evening to ensure that the next day is utilised effectively .

==> Reward yourself as you tick off the list for the goals you achieve :) 

Till my next article , i leave a quote :)

"Time is precious; it is a gift given to us to define our existence in our own unique way " 



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