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By observing animals at their most natural habitat, we can learn a thing or two ....

These are ten lessons we can learn by observing them in their natural habitat : 

1.  Let go of thinking in terms of " what is right or wrong ". 

Evolution favors those  that focus on what matters most—finding food, remaining healthy, resting, breeding, and caring for young. Focus on the outcomes and the results you want most.  Letting go of our attachment to being right or wrong frees us to align ourselves with what we value most.

2.  Take full advantage of any moment . 

By being focused and living to cherish the moment. Human beings are distracted by thoughts about the past and future . If we observes animals we learn that to live life at the fullest we need to live in the moment .By taking our cue from animals and cherishing each present moment. 

3 . Follow your instincts .

 Animals respond to cues  around them by trusting their instincts and acting on them. When we rationalise in our human minds what our instincts may tell us to take notice of—or ignore what our senses are conveying to us—we risk dismissing important signals about events, circumstances, and the people around us.  If something does not feel right, most of the times you have to follow your gut feeling.

4.Focus on what is  important .

By being devoted to what we love with patience and being more understanding. Life has always two sides to a choice. When we make choices we should think properly. To do this , we must examine what the impact of our choice will result in. By examining the bigger picture of what is important for us in life .By being patient when we makes choices with devotion of what the bigger picture means for our life choices .

5. Observe - don't trust words, trust the actions of people

When you communicate with people , follow their cues - observe their tone of our voice, facial expressions , posture, movements, scents released by our skin, emotions, and intentions.  

6.  Enjoy your personal time - to rest and reflect . 

It is important to take moments for our own being- to rest, reflect and digest the life that is happening .

7.  Remember to play.

This can be done by doing the things you love- travelling , enjoying you favourite meal, getting a manicure among the things that you enjoy doing - a task at hand can lighten our load and help ease our concerns- to bring joy to your day. 


8. Don’t take yourself so seriously.

 Let go of your inner critic and the judgments of others. 

9. Practice forgiveness.

The continuity of life  takes precedence over reliving the past.  When words and deeds come back to play in our minds, like the creatures around us, we can give as before with grace and equanimity.While animals, certainly, suffer grief, misfortune, and misery, they move past them with greater poise than we humans often do. 

10 .Love unconditionally.

By learning to love, appreciating those around us , at their best and worst , by being understanding . 


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