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* A soul seeking wisdom as a treasure of life *


You may not know it yet, but you have a winning hand in the game of life. 

On your team, are the best and the brightest, awaiting your direction. You are the house, and you always win. The universe is friendly to you, if you so choose.

Life can be rigged in your favor. But there’s a small catch: You have to conduct yourself accordingly.

“If life is rigged in my favor,”  that means that everything happens for my benefit and for a reason” , AND  that all suffering and difficulty encountered was actually  to make me better, stronger and wiser.

And although I could not always see the benefit while in the midst of suffering, I knew that it was exactly what I needed.


Everything is here to benefit you. Every single event and experience, no matter how seemingly insignificant is backed by a friendly universe, guiding you down the speediest course to a better, happier and more complete life. 

If something in your life is not yet okay, it simply means it is not yet over. And as you go through it, settle comfortably into a sense of gratitude, knowing that not only will the fires of your pain dissipate, but they will also burn away defilements and purify you, leaving a better you in its place.

Storm-battered souls, wherever you may be, know this: The game of life is rigged in your favor, as long as you conduct yourself accordingly.

" To evolve from a normal  being to a benign venerated figure ...to evoke feelings of respect and love" 

In the journey of life, many people aspire to be game- changers, the person who stands out from the crowd. However, to achieve this state of being requires discipline, preserverance , commitment and  charisma. 

To achieve this , I share the craftsmanship  required to attain that level of greatness: 

Beat the odds : 

Not everyone is born with a silver spoon in their mouth, and the greater you beat the odds of becoming successful when you do not have the silver spoon is what will make you Great. 

Human beings with time, get attuned to different beliefs depending on the circumstances they grow up in . 

The question to ask : How do you beat the odds ? 

By examining totemic figures like Nelson Mandela, Princess Diana of Wales, Muhammad Ali and many more , i come to the conclusion that what made them totemic was the fact that they stood out from the rest .

"In their person, the way they stood out from the crowd" 

" Standing up for your beliefs, is what makes you prevail " 

To be set apart from the crowd, be committed and disciplined to what you dream to achieve, THE DREAM( Your own personal dream that you want to achieve in your journey of life ). 

The person who beats the odds, does what the 99% of the crowd do not do . It is the 1% that will make the difference between you and the crowd.

This requires a person , to stand up again , after a crisis or any adverse situations that life throws at you. This is knowing to NEVER GIVE UP regardless of what. 

There is one thing that each and every person who ever saw his or her “plan” come to fruition has :

1. They never lost hope. Hope seems to take different forms throughout the world which  requires the acceptance of the existence of some 'good' force.

2. Becoming Self-aware of your actions and what you want to achieve. To become self-aware, you need to make a solid plan that will help you achieve what you want.  

Have something that inspires you and makes you look forward to, a goal or purpose to work towards, something to achieve. 

3. Believing that you can and will succeed, believing that things can and will go your way, is the way to come out on top.

4. Having faith in yourself and having faith that the world is working with you, and not against you, will only work in your favor.

"He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life" - Muhammad Ali

On my next articles, i talk on the 4 key characteristics required to beat the odds ,  Till then :)


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